Core Business

Core business of the Roads of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo over the main road network in Federation of BH includes following:

  • Provision of long-term, mid-term and annual plans and programmes of development, reconstruction, renovation, construction and maintenance of roads and road structures, as well as the reports of realization of these plans and programs; 
  • Activities related to provision of studies and projects of rehabilitation, construction, reconstruction and maintenance of roads and road structures; 
  • Road protection and maintenance;
  • Provision of financial plans and reports as well as the proposals for improvement of road charges collection in order to be used for road funding;
  • Awarding construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation and road maintenance works;
  • Implementation and monitoring of programme of measures and respective road safety improvement activities;
  • Keeping records (data base) of roads, structures, traffic signalling, road equipment and road land registry;
  • Preparation of necessary documents to ensure the implementation of donations and credit funds in accordance with regulations and other documents;
  • Settlement of property-legal affairs relating to the protection, reconstruction and construction of roads;
  • Data collection and provision of information to the public on road conditions and traffic conduction;
  • Taking necessary measures to preserve and protect the environment;
  • Other activities contained in the Establishment Act of the Roads of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo.