Extraordinary Transport

Extraordinary transport on public road is transport by vehicle which, either vacant or together with load has weight, dimensions and axel load that exceed the permissible limits (pursuant to Regulation on Dimensions, Total Weight and Axel Load of Vehicles, Instruments and Equipment that Vehicles must possess and General Conditions which Instruments and Equipment must meet for road transport („Official Gazette of FBH“, No. 23/07 and No. 54/07).

Extraordinary Transport

Permit for extraordinary transport may be issued only for transport of indivisible load if such transport cannot be done by other means of transport, or if the transport by such means would be too complicated, time-consuming and expensive (Ordinance on Determining Conditions for Provision of Extraordinary Transport (Official Gazette of FBH, No. 75/10).

Permit for extraordinary transport on public road is issued by a road manager: i.e. Motorways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina for extraordinary transport on motorways and express roads, Roads of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina for main roads, cantonal road authority for regional roads, and competent municipal or city authority for local roads.

If extraordinary transport is to be performed on multiple public roads categorized as: motorway, express road, main road, regional road or local road, permit for extraordinary transport is issued by the Roads of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Permit is issued upon application by the carrier or conveyor in international transport for and on behalf of a foreign carrier.

Applicants requesting a permit for extraordinary transport should submit the documents listed below:

  • Completed and duly signed application form for an extraordinary transport permit;
  • Official evidence on the load weight;
  • Schematic drawing of vehicle together with a load (i.e. layout, side view and cross section) for proper calculation of fee for roadside use;
  • Copy of vehicle licences of the towing engine and the trailer(s);
  • Statement by the individuals who will be responsible for organization, preparation and provision of extraordinary transport claiming to have qualification to do so (Article 13 of the Ordinance);
  • Statement by the carrier to posses required professional qualification and experience to carry out the extraordinary transport (Article 10 of the Ordinance);
  • Statement by the carrier that he will engage the applicant to be head of the escort of the extraordinary transport - name and last name. Statement shall be signed and certified by both parties the carrier and the applicant (unless the applicant is also the carrier).

Basis for fee calculation, the amount of fees and costs of issuance of permit for extraordinary transport are set out in the Regulation on Fee for Extraordinary Transport (Official Gazette of FBH, No. 87/10) .