Traffic Counting

The automatic counting of traffic on the main road network of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been done since 2005. The first printed publication "Traffic Counting on Main Roads of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2006" was published in 2007.

Counters of the French company Sterela and the Slovenian company Mikrobit, i.e. automatic counting devices types QLD-6CX and TLCD 10, are installed around the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Both types of automatic counting devices use a couple of bidirectional inductive loops. These counters classify vehicles by time intervals, group of vehicle and speed intervals. The difference in classification is that Sterela automatic counters classify vehicles by length, while Micro bits counters do that by inductive print.


Type of vehicle Vehicle description - QLD-6CX Type of vehicle Vehicle description - QLTC 10
A1 Motorcycles A0 Motorcycles
A2 Passenger cars A1 Passenger Cars and Passenger Cars with Trailers
A3 Passenger Cars with Trailers A2 Vans
A4 Vans with and without trailers B1 Light Trucks
B1 Light Trucks B2 Trucks
B2 Trucks B3 HGV
B3 HGV B4 Trailers
B4 Trailers and Tow Trucks B5 Tow Truck
C Buses C1 Buses 
C2 Articulated Buses

With some counters, data on counted vehicles are downloaded via a remote GSM modem, while with the others they are manually collected on the spot and further downloaded by computer equipment.

In addition to these automatic counters, two radar counters are in use as of 2009. Radar counters record the vehicle class, hour and second of vehicle passing.

Vehicles are classified in five categories as follows:

  • K1 i K2  – motorcycles, passenger cars and caravans,
  • K3  – vans and light trucks,
  • K4  – buses and heavy goods vehicles,
  • K5  – trailer and tow trucks.

Database of traffic counting contains a counter code (i.e. loop counters have a code of 501 and further, while the radar counters carry the code 600 and further). These counters register the time of recording (hour/ year), the direction of movement of the vehicle, the number and structure of the vehicle, the number of vehicles per length (or type of vehicle), and the speed of the vehicle per selected speed intervals


Year Number of locations
2006 53
2007 49
2008 56
2009 63
2010 67
2011 60
2012 101
2013 116
2014 124
2015 107

Location of Traffic Counting Devices in FBH in 2015

Traffic Volume over the Main Road Network in FBH in 2015

Publications on Traffic Counting

To download the publications on traffic counting please use the links bellow. Detailed data for each counting site, i.e. necessary for provision of studies, can be obtained with prior written request to the Roads of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.