Presentation of the Kiseljak Bypass II Project

The presentation of the Kiseljak Bypass Project - Phase II took place today in Kiseljak, in the premises of the Municipal Hall.

Presentation of the Kiseljak Bypass II Project thumb thumb

After the completion of the Phase I of the construction of the Kiseljak Bypass (portion from the roundabout on the M5 to the tunnel), the Phase II which entails the construction of the alignment and the tunnel in the length of approx. 1000 m will start.

The Main design of the alignment and the tunnel was presented today to all the attendees who were acquainted with the construction and financial complexity of the project itself. The construction process will be preceded by the procedure of declaration of public interest, land acquisition and obtaining all the necessary construction approvals.

In addition to the representatives of the Implementing agency – FBH Roads, the presentation was attended by the Mayor, Mr. Mladen Mišurić Ramljak, representatives of the Property and Legal Geodetic Affairs and the Real Estate Cadastre Department of Kiseljak Municipality and the landowners affected by the project.