PC Roads of the FBH at the Trade Fair - Tešanj 2017

PC Roads of the FBH Ltd Sarajevo participated to the 13th Trade Fair - Tešanj 2017, which was opened yesterday in the business premises of Distribution Centre in Kraševo, Tešanj Municipality.

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This year, the fair organized by Business Centre Jelah Association and in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce of FBH, has attracted more than 200 exhibitors from B&H and the region, which will present their products and services on 4.000 m2 of indoor and 10.000 m2 of outdoor exhibition space.

The fair was officially opened by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BH, Denis Zvizdić, German Ambassador in Sarajevo, H.E. Ms. Christiane Hohmann and President of the Business Centre Jelah, Mr. Edin Jabandžić. Guests were greeted by the President of the Chamber of Commerce of FBH, Mr. Marko Šantic, Prime Minister of Zenica-Doboj Canton, Mr. Miralem Galijašević, German Ambassador in BH, H.E. Ms. Christiane Hohmann, Prime Minister of the FBH Government, Mr. Fadil Novalić, Chairman of the FBH, Mr. Marinko Čavara, former member of the European Parliament, Ms. Doris Pack and Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BH, Mr. Denis Zvizdić.

A panel discussion on "Roads Financing in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina", organized on the first day of conference by the PC Roads of the FBH, attracted a large number of stakeholders. The speakers at this panel were FBH Prime Minister, Mr. Fadil Novalić, assistant minister of Traffic and Communications of FBH, Mr. Pavo Boban, director of the PC Roads of FBH Ltd Sarajevo, Mr. Ljubo Pravdić and owner of Hifa-Oil Ltd Tešanj, Mr. Izudin Ahmetlić.

In the introduction, Prime Minister Novalić made a presentation on the impact of levies on economic parameters and the living standard of Bosnian citizens, i.e. the price trends etc. During the discussion, the attendees were acquainted with road re-categorization, Federation Road Sector Modernization Programme, the share of oil and oil derivatives revenues in the overall income of the PC Roads of FBH, as well as the projection of future road financing. It was concluded that it is necessary to increase the levies or road revenues, which is also a pre-condition for credit effectiveness and improvement of the main road network. Otherwise, the implementation of the Federation Road Sector Modernization Programme will be impossible and the existing system of main road maintenance and credit repayment will be questioned.

Given the absence of motorway or fast road network, and the fact that 70% of total FBH traffic goes through the main road network, the objective of all these activities is to raise the level of traffic safety and increase the traffic of people and capital.