Invitation to Public Consultations

PC Roads of the FBH Ltd Sarajevo invites all interested parties, non-governmental organizations and residents of the municipality of Jajce and settlements neighbouring the area of intended road pavement and axis corrections on section Jajce Jug – Donji Vakuf 1 (M5), to take part in public consultations.

Invitation to Public Consultations

The Public Consultations will take place on 30 July 2019 at 11 am in the premises of the Municipality of Jajce, with the aim of collecting views and opinions of the stakeholders and addressing the relevant issues into the final version of the document.

The documents was drafted under the Roads Modernization Programme, in line with the policies of funding institutions. The draft document can be found on the official website of the PC Roads of the FBiH at the following link and on the website of municipality of Jajce.

All interested parties who are not able to attend the public consultations can submit their suggestions and comments by 30 July 2019 via e-mail address:


  1. Presentation of draft Environmental and Social Management Plan for the Project of the Road Pavement and axis corrections on section Jajce Jug – Donji Vakuf 1 (M5),
  2. Questions, discussion, answers and explanations.