Contracts for Routine Maintenance of the Main Roads

Contracts for routine maintenance of the main roads in Federation of BiH were signed today for the period July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023.



Contracts for Routine Maintenance of the Main Roads

Routine maintenance will be carried out by the following contractors:

  • LOT 1, Una-Sana Canton, main roads M5, M11, M14.2 and M15, total length 199,309 km; the Contractor JV „Rad putevi“ Bihać, „Behić Sanny Boy“ Bihać, „Divel“ Sanski Most; Contract value BAM 3.173498,08;
  • LOT 2, Una-Sana Canton, main roads M4.2, M14, M14.2, total length 166,541 km; the Contractor JV„Kov-grad“ Bužim, „I-Selimović“ Cazin; Contract value BAM 2.875.932,34;
  • LOT 3, Tuzla Canton, main roads M1.8, M1.9, M4, M14.1, M17.1, M18 i M19.2, total length 284,04 km; the Contractor JV „Jata group“ Srebrenik i „HIH“ Živinice; Contract value BAM 4.479.372,69;
  • LOT 4, Zenica-Doboj Canton, main roads M4, M5, M17 and M17.1, total length 183,092 km; the Contractor „Dobojputevi“ Doboj Jug; Contract value BAM 605.937,07;
  • LOT 6, Bosnian-Podrinje Canton, main roads M5, M18, M18.1, M20, total length 95,191 km; the Contractor „Goraždeputevi“ Goražde; Contract value BAM 1.638.866,21;
  • LOT 8, Sarajevo Canton, main raods M5, M17, M18, total length 130,617 km; the Contractor „Sarajevoputevi“ d.d. Sarajevo; Contract value BAM 3.213.642,05;
  • LOT 9, Posavina Canton kanton, main roads M1.8, M14.1 i M14.2, total length 64,512 km; the Contractor „Ceste“ d.d. Mostar; Contract value BAM 1.118.791,92;
  • LOT 10, Central Bosnia Canton, main roads M5, M16.2, M16.4, total length 136,385 km, the Contractor „Ceste“ d.d. Mostar; Contract value BAM 2.823.185,50;
  • LOT 11, Canton 10, main roads M6.1, M14.2, M15, M16, M16.3 and M16.5, total length 362,869 km; the Contractor „Ceste“ d.d. Mostar; Contract value BAM 5.968.060,19,
  • LOT 12, Herzegovina-Neretva/ West Herzegovina Canton, main roads M2, M6, M6.1, M15, M17, M17.3, M17.4, M17.6 and M20, total length 375,237 km; the Contractor „Ceste“ d.d. Mostar; Contract value BAM 4.956.744,51.

Previously signed contracts for the following lots shall remain in force:

  • LOT 5, Central Bosnia Canton, main roads M5 and M16, total length 132,782 km; Contract validity period September 1, 2021 – August 31, 2022; the Contractor JV Jata group d.o.o. Srebrenik and BalegeM d.o.o. Gradačac; Contract value BAM 2.246.399,86;
  • LOT 7, Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, main roads M17, M16.2 and M6.1, total length 128,837 km; Contract validity period January 2, 2022 – December 31, 2022, the Contractor JV „HP Investing“ Mostar and „Hercegovinaputevi“ Trebinje; Contract value BAM 1.520.106,52;
  • LOT 13, Herzegovina-Neretva Canton/ West Herzegovina Canton, main road M17.5, total length 100,775 km; Contract validity period February 1, 2022 – January 31, 2023; the Contractor JV „Putovi“ Grude, KTM „Brina“ Posušje and „HP Investing“ Mostar; Contract value BAM 1.319.529,23,
  • LOT 14, Una-Sana Canton, main road M4.3, total length 57,000 km; Contract validity period November 15, 2021 – November 14, 2022; the Contractor „Kov-grad“ Bužim; Contract value BAM 994.017,42.

The total value of the contracts for the routine maintenance of the 2,405,117 km long main road network in the Federation of BiH is BAM 36,934,083.57.