Project Management Department

Project Management Department provides the following:

  • Preparing projects financed by the loans of international finance institutions and/or donors, in line with the identified priorities of road infrastructure development;
  • Monitoring loan agreements in terms of financial rights and obligations and implementing operational procedures of international finance institutions, donors and FBH Government;
  • Developing and maintaining a financial management system and ensuring timely and accurate financial information;
  • Identifying procedures and methods for effective implementation and project goals achievement;
  • Drafting periodic reports and analysis on the implementation of international projects according to the methodology of the Federal Ministry of Finance and/ or international finance institutions and/ or donors;
  • Coordinating and monitoring the implementation of internationally funded road projects, in cooperation with the Management Board and other departments of the Roads of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, relevant authorities/ institutions in BH/ FBH and international finance institutions and/ or donors; 
  • Carrying out public procurement procedures for provision works, goods and services under the internationally funded projects;
  • Processing proposals, opinions, conclusions and decisions of the bodies of the Roads of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and other respective authorities, within its field of competence;
  • Organization of other project management relevant affairs within the competence of the Roads of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.