Internal Audit Department

Internal Audit Department provides the following:  

  • Annual risk assessments and audit plans to the Audit Committee, including the overview of risk areas and audits to be carried out;
  • Audit reports and recommendations to the Audit Committee;
  • Assistance to external auditors through a coordinated audit;
  • Providing opinion on the compliance of politics and procedures with the applicable regulations;
  • Other duties in compliance with the International Standards for Internal Audit;
  • Control of investment-technical documentation, pre-qualification records and bidding documents for works execution;
  • Control of procurement procedures, bids and price analysis;
  • Control of annual procurement plans;
  • Monitoring of project implementation until final delivery,
  • Analysis and monitoring of unique risk management processes in accordance with the Roads of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina standards;
  • Identification and assessment of relevant risks and preparation of risk management strategies and policies; and
  • Other activities within its field of competence.