Department of Studies, Design and Construction

Department of Studies, Roads Design and Construction provides the following:

  • Long-term, mid-term and annual plans and road infrastructure development programs;
  • Drafting criteria for fund allocation intended for the development of road infrastructure;
  • Drafting proposals for works awarding to the eligible companies for provision of studies and road projects and works on the construction and reconstruction of roads and road structures;
  • Organization and provision of technical and financial monitoring of contract implementing;
  • Preparation of materials and proposals for the Supervisory Board within its field of competence;
  • Implementing proposals, opinions, conclusions and decisions of the bodies of the Roads of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Participating to public procurement procedures within its field of competence, in accordance with the Rulebook on Public Procurements; 
  • Cooperating with the relevant state, federal and cantonal institutions and their bodies, as well as other government departments;
  • Organization of other affairs within its field of competence.
  • Cooperation with other organizational units within the Roads of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Management of property-legal affairs related to the reconstruction and construction of roads and road structures as well as the land registry;

Department of Studies, Roads Design and Construction consists of the following units:

  • Studies and Road Design,
  • Contruction.