Two-way traffic in the Crnaja tunnel

We would like to inform all traffic users that the Phase I of the reconstruction of the Crnaja tunnel on the main road M17 has been completed. This phase included the construction of invert, the collection of water from the lining, controlled drainage, and the construction of a drainage system.

Two-way traffic in the Crnaja tunnel

With the completion of the first phase of works, the conditions for the establishment of two-way traffic have been acquired.
From tomorrow, June 25, 2021, the following traffic regime shall apply:

  • June 25 - September 1, 2021, 5 am – 8 pm, two-way traffic with no works execution;
  • 8 pm – 5 am, one traffic lane alternate directions, with the use of traffic lights.

This traffic regime remains in force until September 1, 2021, when, due to the specifics of the works, it will be necessary to establish a traffic regime set in accordance with the Decision no. 08/ 2-23-42-556/21, dated February 1, 2021.

According to the Contract Agreement, the works on the reconstruction of the Crnaja tunnel should be completed in June 2022.

We kindly ask all traffic users to respect the temporary changes in the traffic regime over this section.