Mostar South Bypass and Section Neum – Stolac Site Visits

Federal Minister of Transport and Communications, Denis Lasić, visited today the sites of the Mostar South Bypass and the section Neum - Stolac, on the main road M17.3. Accompanied by the Management of FBH Roads, the implementing authority for the above projects, and representatives of supervisors and contractors, this visit aimed to monitor the dynamics of these important infrastructure projects and discuss the possible consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on civil engineering in FBiH.

Mostar South Bypass and Section Neum – Stolac Site Visits thumb thumb

"Solving the decades-long problem of transit traffic in Mostar is of the highest priority. One of my most important tasks to do, together with the Management of the FBH Roads, is to commence the construction of the Mostar South Bypass, which will eliminate traffic jams in Mostar city center”, " said Minister Lasić.

The project of construction of the main road Neum - Stolac is of tremendous importance because its construction will solve the problem of traffic connection of the Neum area with the rest of the country, shorten travel time and improve the safety of all traffic users.

"Works on the construction of the 36, 5 m long main road Neum - Stolac, on M17.3, are being carried out in accordance with the work plan. The construction of this modern road will solve the problem of transport connection between the Adriatic coast and the Neum area with the rest of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, and thus the whole country, and therefore will positively affect the economic competitiveness of Neum and Stolac. According to the agreed deadlines, the works on all seven lots should be completed at the beginning of 2022 " said Ljubo Pravdić, director of FBH Roads.