Contracts for Routine Maintenance of Main Roads in FBH

Framework Agreements and Contracts for routine maintenance of the main roads in the Federation of BH were signed today for the period of 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020. 

Contracts for Routine Maintenance of Main Roads in FBH thumb thumb thumb

Director of the PC Roads of the FBH has signed the following contracts with the companies that, in addition to fulfilling the bidding conditions, submitted the lowest eligible bids:

  • LOT 1, Una-Sana Canton, main roads M5, M11, M14.2 and M15. Total length: 199,309 km; Contractor: JV „Rad putevi“ Bihać, „Behić Sanny Boy“ Bihać, „Divel“ Sanski Most; Contract value: BAM 2.924.719,59;
  • LOT 2, Una-Sana Canton, main roads M4.2, M14, M14.2. Total length: 166,541 km; Contractor: JV „Kov-grad“ Bužim, „I-Selimović“ Cazin; Contract value: BAM 2.632.497,43;
  • LOT 3, Tuzla Canton, main roads M1.8, M1.9, M4, M14.1, M18 and M-19.2. Total length: 242,553 km; Contractor: JV „Jata group“ Srebrenik and „HIH“ Živinice; Contract value: BAM 4.574.696,56;
  • LOT 4, Zenica-Doboj Canton, main roads M4, M5 and M17. Total length: 140,991 km; Contractor: „Dobojputevi“ Doboj Jug, Contract value: BAM 2.337.217,59;
  • LOT 6, Bosnian-Podrinje Canton, main roads M5, M18, M18.1 and M20. Total length: 95,191 km; Contractor: „Goraždeputevi“ Goražde; Contract value: BAM 1.517.556,01;
  • LOT 8, Sarajevo Canton, main roads M5, M17 and M18. Total length: 130,617 km; Contractor: „Sarajevoputevi“ d.d. Sarajevo; Contract value: BAM 2.901.597,89;
  • LOT 9, Posavina Canton, main roads M1.8, M14.1 and M14.2. Total length: 64,512 km; Contractor: „Ceste“ d.d. Mostar; Contract Value: BAM 1.052.999,60;
  • LOT 10, Central Bosnia Canton, main roads M5, M16.2 and M16.4. Total length: 136,385 km; Contractor: „Ceste“ d.d. Mostar; Contract value: BAM 2.655.899,89;
  • LOT 11, Canton 10, main roads M6.1, M14.2, M15, M16 and M-16.3. Total length: 348,799 km; Contractor: „Ceste“ d.d. Mostar; Contract value: BAM 5.615.999,02;
  • LOT 12, Herzegovina-Neretva and West Herzegovina Canton, main roads M2, M6, M6.1, M15, M17, M17.3, M17.4 and M-20. Total length: 332,727 km; Contractor: „Ceste“d.d. Mostar; Contract value: BAM 4.147.813,88.

The subject of these contracts is the maintenance of the 1.857,625 km long main road network, amounting to BAM 30.360.997,46.